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The Trick and Fancy tribe is HERE and we are looking for our founding 50!

3 months ago, Trick and Fancy was born…. Since then our shirts have shipped all over Canada, United States, Australia, and Europe!

Each and every day we are growing and expanding the Trick and Fancy brand, and now it is time to have YOU be part of it!

We are on the hunt for 50 amazing women who want to promote the Trick and Fancy movement and get rewarded for it!

So what is the Trick and Fancy tribe?

A group of bold, daring women who share the love of empowerment through fashion.

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The Fancy Tribe Perks:

  • Earn 10% on ALL purchases people make when they use your unique code… If someone spends $100, you get get $10!
  • 20% off ALL your personal purchases
  • Private Facebook group with the rest of the Tribe where you get to network and collaborate with likeminded women!
  • Order NEW designs BEFORE they are released to the public
  • Contribute to new Trick and Fancy products and designs.
  • Social media trainings from world renowned online business strategist Brodie Pierson

How it works:

  1. Submit your Trick and Fancy Tribe application here.
  2. Your submission will be reviewed within 48 hours.
  3. If you are accepted, you will be sent over all information to get started (The Fancy Tribe won’t start until July 1)


  1. Fill out the application form
  2. We believe in authentic promotion and we only want people who LOVE our movement. You must have purchased at least 2 Trick and Fancy products to be considered for the Tribe.

We are SO excited to have you be part of this movement. There is tons of opportunity for growth as we are launching new products and new designs each and every month!

Be sure to apply… can’t wait to see you in the Trick and Fancy Tribe!

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