The Brother-Sister Duo Behind Trick and Fancy

HEY THERE! I'm Shelby, and this is my brother Brodie... we are the faces behind Trick and Fancy! 

So you’ve followed me along my journey on Instagram, supported me through the starting of my company, BUT who am I really?

My name is Shelby Pierson and I grew up on a ranch in southern Alberta, along with my mom and dad, and four siblings. We have a cattle operation, and I am truly grateful to call my ranch home. I’ve learned a lot about life living “out in the middle of nowhere”- but to me, there's no better place to grow up.

I began riding before I could walk, which explains my passion for horses. My dad would take us out with him to check cows, so from a young age riding became my #1 love. I honestly don’t know how he managed to keep us all contained out in the field since most of us could hardly reach our stirrups.

It wasn’t until I was 8 that I started my trick riding journey (check out this blog for my trick riding story). If it wasn’t for growing up around horses, and having a dad with such great knowledge for animals, I don’t think I would be trick riding today.


I attended a small school and graduated with a class of 3 people (shocker to some hahah), and I wouldn't have it any other way! It’s not about quantity but rather quality, and I may be biased but I think we have one of the coolest communities around! I am very grateful to grow up in the community I have and to be surrounded by such genuine and caring people every day. When you drive down our roads you won't get within 5 minutes without getting waved at or stopped for a visit.

I also was apart of my communities local 4-H club in the beef project for 9 years. I enjoyed learning about how to properly show an animal and within the program, I also gained valuable life skills such as public speaking, bookkeeping, successful care of an animal, and community service. I owe a lot to the 4-h program as well as the leaders within it, who have shaped me into the individual I am today.

Aside from 4-H, I competitively danced for 13 years, which helped me with my trick riding immensely. I danced in the genres of Hip-hop, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Acro. Dance allowed me to understand the strength of teamwork, but also helped me build my confidence ( I was a shy kid!). The sport gave me the flexibility and strength needed for my trick riding. I also enjoyed playing badminton, competing in track in field (high jump was my best event, very weird considering how short I am LOL), and being a member in my schools local Student Union.

I wanted to give you guys a little insight into my life outside the saddle. I am so grateful for the support you guys continue to give me along my journey. None of this would have been possible without the encouragement of the people around me, so Thank-YOU!


I am not on this journey alone... and I am also lucky to have my brother Brodie who has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and to create a brand that represents me. He is a true visionary, teammate, and has built several successful global companies. It just made sense that we combine our skills and build this movement of Trick and Fancy!  

Shocker to some... but Brodie has 3 other sisters other than me! He grew up on the ranch too and was heavily involved in hockey and 4-H! Brodie has always been entrepreneurial... he use to sell his chickens eggs when he was young to make some extra money (and he also loved to scare me with the chickens... I do not like birds LOL). But it wasn't until his second year university where he really discovered the world of entrepreneurship. While in University he created a couple of businesses and worked them full time while being a full-time student. Building companies and empowering individuals is my brother's true passion (it is so cool to see how he lights up when he talks about business)!  

Another fun fact about my brother... he is a globally recognized photographer, and he is the one who takes all the photos you see on the website and Instagram page! His work has been seen on Forbes, TEDx, and Gary Vaynerchuk (pretty neat I think). 

Needless to say, we both a multi-passionate individuals who love our rural roots and creating movements! We hope by reading this you get a feel for who we are and why we created Trick and Fancy! This is just the start of this journey and I can't even begin to start how excited I am to have you be a part of it! 


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