The Creation Of a Movement: The Story Behind Trick and Fancy.

One day my brother Brodie and I were at home on our ranch, and we were thinking of creative ways to expand our love of western culture. We had been spending tons of time creating an amazing community over on Instagram (20,000 STRONG NOW) and wanted to find a way to empower all the amazing individuals that are in our circle.  We spent many hours googling and brainstorming and we both decided that there is no better way to empower individuals than by creating a movement. That movement starts by creating CONFIDENCE for each individual, and that starts by how they dress. 

I firmly believe that a piece of clothing can change a woman’s confidence. You feel bold, you feel empowered, and you feel like you can take anything on in the world. So, we set out on a mission to create T-shirts that were unique, but made a women feel empowered and bold each time she put one on.

We had out mission, we had our why, now it was time to actually conceptualize it.  TONS of ideas were tossed between us and family members... cause let's be real, there is no one is more brutally honest than family! We drew out plans on white boards, note pads, and even made a pinterest board for inspiration. My brother and I constantly were bouncing ideas off each other to create a brand that we were both proud to stand behind.

It took 3 months of brainstorming, planning, and creating to launch our company, Trick and Fancy. The journey to finding this name was an interesting one to say the least. We actually renamed the company two times before Trick and Fancy. The first time this name was said aloud, it stuck like glue. It made sense because of my love for trick riding and western culture, but it also has a flair to it and something a woman truly would want to represent. 

Did you guys know that trick riding was once called trick and fancy riding?- This is where the inspo came from (and guess what… our Dad actually brought up the name)! The name is entirely based around the fearless women of the west... and it is one of my beliefs that trick riders are some of the most fearless individuals in the world. Who else is fearless enough to hang and jump off a horse running at top speed?! 

We always knew that we wanted to use inspiration from pioneering old west women. Their style, their class, their BOLDNESS, and their ability to be daring was something I want to bring into the modern age.  We didn't do this alone, though. My amazing followers on Instagram (you are amazing) helped craft our designs and sparked our ideas. The designs were created to express multiple women’s individuality, from every walk of life. I believe there is a shirt for everyone in this unique set of designs, whether it be colour, images, or words, they each have a bold statement that you can feel empowered wearing. 

We searched and searched on Instagram to find an incredible designer who could embody our vision. We picked a designer who is a pioneering, bold woman herself,  and she created designs that both of us were excited to share with all of you!

So now we had the designs, it was time to launch this movement into the world! My love for fashion and creating, and my brother’s knack for business and social media marketing, make us a pretty good pair! Building this with a family member has truly been an incredible journey in itself, and we are so glad you are on it with us. 

It took many hours to build this brand, but we could not do it without the amazing support of all of you. I would like to thank each amazing person for encouraging me on this amazing journey, I cannot wait to show you guys what we have up our sleeve... but until then I want to see YOU expressing your awe-inspiring self through the Trick and Fancy brand!

Remember just like the fearless ladies of the west… Be Bold.. Be Daring… Be a Pioneering Woman. Because no one is more powerful than a strong woman making a statement!


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